Like Commander Cousteau’s Calypso in his time, SeaOrbiter aims to educate and raise awareness about the ocean and the challenges for our blue planet. Beyond knowledge dissemination, SeaOrbiter is also intended to be an ambassador for the ocean and raise awareness on the beauty, usefulness, and fragility of the marine world.

SeaOrbiter’s vision involves engaging humankind to face its responsibility towards the preservation of the Ocean’s ecosystem, which is critical for maintaining the balance of the whole planet. It also convey a call for action whether helping regulating the Earth’s climate, preserving our planet’s biodiversity, discovering biomedical resources or tomorrow’s energy, as the Ocean determines the balance of humanity and its future.

As all marine ecosystems are necessary for the survival of humanity and the health of the Earth, SeaOrbiter’s mission is not only to inform the public of the vulnerability of the oceanic ecosystems, but also make the societies understand the importance of having a harmonious relationship with the Ocean and induce action towards protection and responsible conservation of its many resources.

Major dangers threatening the Ocean are:

1. Unsustainable fishing

2. Inadequate protection

3. Unmanaged tourism & coastal development

4. Hazardous shipping

5. Oil & gas overexploitation

6. Pollution

7. Climate change

(Source: WWF)