The objectives of the missions of the SeaOrbiter science program and the nature of SeaOrbiter’s unique concept, which combines an underwater scientific laboratory with a multimedia communication platform capable of live broadcasts, make SeaOrbiter a marvelous educational tool able to address all generations.

SeaOrbiter wishes to share the emotional amazement of its human adventure and show what the Ocean and its magical underwater world can offer. Through producing a constant flow of educational programs and information for the public, SeaOrbiter will enable a better understanding of the Ocean’s functioning by enhancing our knowledge of marine ecosystems, and the environmental and climatological components of the Ocean.

SeaOrbiter will be equipped with the latest technology in communication and data transmission to optimally and continuously feed its educational program across all platforms, broadcasting its adventures live to: sea centers, aquariums, scientific museums and educational institutions. The public will be able to follow the adventure in real-time, and be in constant contact with the crew on board. Viewers will also be able to track the discoveries via international media channels and social media.