Jacques Rougerie is the Founding President of SeaOrbiter. A visionary architect of international renown, an academic member of the institute, he is a true explorer of the future.

Passionate about the sea, space and new technologies, he builds underwater habitats and laboratories, floating villages and leads the SeaOrbiter scientific exploration vessel project. He himself experiences his achievements. A true explorer, he has lived several times in underwater habitats and participated in the world record of 69 days under the sea in the United States.

For more than 30 years, he has based his work on biomimetic, bio-inspired, resilient and sustainable architecture. For this, he draws his inspiration both from the heritage of Leonardo da Vinci as well as from the work of Jules Verne, whose maxim he adopted: « All that a man is capable of imagining, others men will be able to achieve it”

In this spirit, he has built several sea museums around the world, as well as underwater habitats and laboratories, vessels with transparent hulls, floating and underwater village projects, or even a base and a lunar village. .

Other flagship projects, SeaOrbiter and the Cité des Mériens combine its innovative research in the fields of marine and underwater architecture, while opening up fields of knowledge that have yet to be explored. Experimenting with his creations himself, he went so far as to live in underwater habitats several times, notably participating in the world record of 71 days under the sea in the United States.

For 13 years, he has worked through his foundation to support talented young architects, engineers and designers taking into account the challenges of sustainable development.

“It is from the ocean and from space that the destiny of future civilizations will be born. »